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Exciting Changes!

As you may have noticed by the letterhead, we have a new name! The business you knew as Hopkins PEI is becoming Fry Factory Inc. This change will take effect on February 10th, 2017. Aside from our company name, nothing else has changed but the number of restaurants that are making the change to processing their fries faster then ever before!

In keeping with the introduction of our revolutionary, NSF approved AFC-50- Automatic Fry Cutter to the North American Market in July of 2016, we felt that our name should reflect the core of our business, “Processing Potato’s into Fries!” Or as we like to call it “Turning Potato’s into Profit$”

Fry Factory Inc’s- AFC-50 is revolutionizing the process of cutting fresh fries in kitchens across North America, what once used to be a time consuming, laborious and costly process is now reduced to just a fraction of the time it used to be. Time is money and labor costs are critical in the Restaurant business, having the ability to re-capture some of this, through mechanising one of the (Fresh Fry Model’s) processes is key to increasing profitability, every penny counts!

Fry Factory Inc’s manufacturing facility is located just off Canada’s east coast in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, and serves the North American market through its Distribution channels in Canada and the USA. As a restaurant owner/operator you strive for: Cost Savings, Efficiency, Safety, Reliability, & Consistency in your kitchen. As part of your daily preparation, peeling and/or cutting hundreds of pounds of potato’s each day into fries, is something we can help improve on!

• If you are currently cutting fries by hand, then Fry Factory Inc. will be of interest to you!
• If you are interested in labor efficiency and safety for employees, then Fry Factory Inc. will be of interest to you!
• If you are looking for reliability and consistency in your potato product preparation, then Fry Factory Inc. will be of interest to you!

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